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“Silver Surfers” are booming e-commerce

Press release   •   Oct 08, 2013 17:17 BST

Silver Surfers, people online above the age of 65, are the fastest growing customer group in Swedish e-commerce, according to recent statistics from online payment company Klarna. This customer group is quickly gaining ground in online shopping with a consumer’s growth of over 42 %[1] since last year.

Recent statistics from payment company Klarna show that the group of people aged 65 and over is growing approximately twice as fast as the rest of Swedish population when it comes to e-commerce.

Age shows in categories and shopping behaviour

Maybe not too surprising, Health & Beauty is the most popular shopping category for the elderly surfers, followed by Electronics. This differs dramatically from the other age groups where Clothing & Fashion is number one, followed by Leisure & Sport.

As most other Swedes are at work, the Silver Shoppers grabs the opportunity to make online deals. Silver Surfers mostly buy stuff between 15:00-18:00 in the afternoon and prefers to do their shopping on Mondays while the younger population places most orders on Sundays.

The male Silver Surfers are leading the way for their generation, as more then six out of ten 65+ shoppers are men.

Important consumer group for merchants

The group of 65+ is an important audience for merchants looking for further growth. As growth in other age groups is starting to level out, Silver Surfers present a growth opportunity for merchants.

The senior citizens represent a new key audience for Klarna’s products, given the group’s growing presence in the e-marketplace.

“It’s great to see that this group is taking a bigger hold of the Internet and all the benefits that comes with it. I see great benefits for everyone involved, the merchants who can access a stable, attractive group and the Silver Surfers who can take advantage of the convenience and breadth that e-commerce brings,” says Fredrik Lennström, e-commerce expert at Klarna.

[1] Internal Klarna comparison between the number of customers Jan-Jun 12 vs Jan-Jun 13

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